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Digitalize DIAS on DVD or USB-Device 

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If you do without the additional services "Orientation / Orientation" and "Checking for lateral correctness", you should pay attention to the following points when preparing your slides for digitization:

    Send your slides framed in 5x5cm frames only in slide magazines / rails for editing.
    Only LKM, CS or universal slide magazines / rails and Braun round magazines can be processed.
    ATTENTION: Loose slides without magazine can not be processed in standard quality by us!
    Rotate your upright pictures 90 degrees so that they are tilted to the right in the magazine.
    Sort your slides in the magazine in turn. You should make sure that no gaps between the slides arise. Because even the blanks are scanned and you incur unnecessary costs When removing individual slides from the magazine, the remaining slides must be moved back.
    If you want to send your own USB storage device (USB stick or USB hard drive) or buy a USB storage device via our shop, please book the article "Uploading your files to your storage medium".

Recommendation: You should check if your slides are clean and dust free. Otherwise, add our dry cleaning to get clean scans.
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